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The 5 Benefits For Rapid Antigen Testing

December 13, 2022

rapid antigen test

Need to go take a COVID-19 test? Thinking it’ll probably be a long, difficult and tedious process – right? Not with rapid antigen testing.

Rapid antigen tests are not only simple enough to take in the comfort of your own location, but offer an incredibly quick turnaround time of only 20 minutes. 

For these reasons, they are becoming increasingly popular with businesses and individuals looking to keep their employees and families safe.

Still not convinced? Here are the top five benefits for rapid antigen testing and why you should consider getting one for COVID-19 testing.

  1. Rapid Antigen Results Are Fast

The number one benefit of rapid antigen testing is in the name.

The method’s quick turnaround time surpasses other testing methods like PCR. Unlike the 48 hour turnaround time of PCR testing, rapid antigen testing takes 15-30 minutes making them optimal when you need results right away.

Once detected, you can take action right away to quarantine – helping to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

  1. Rapid Antigen Testing Kits Are Portable

No expensive laboratory equipment? No problem! Rapid antigen kits are very portable. 

This means we can easily distribute them for your location or testing events without needing to bring any thermo cycler machines or micropipettes to validate the results. 

This makes it easy to test multiple people at once at any location because of how easy it is to bring them to your event or business. 

These ready-to-use kits can be quickly distributed out to employees or students so tests can quickly take place and produce results at once.

  1. It’s Cheaper Than PCR Testing

Another great reason people are starting to choose rapid antigen testing over PCR testing is because it is less expensive.

Remember all of that equipment that’s necessary for PCR testing? Antigen tests don't need it – resulting in a cheaper price point for you. 

Plus, it comes in a convenient kit making it accessible for you whenever you need to test right away whether it’s at a testing location or at-home.

  1. Doesn’t Require Trained Personnel

The sheer simplicity of rapid antigen testing kits doesn’t require any trained personnel. This means anyone can administer the test – negating the need  to test at another facility or location and shipping samples for processing.

This cuts time and costs by bypassing the laboratory processing and personnel for results.

Best of all – results are displayed on the testing kit, only requiring users to interpret the results with the help of some simple guidelines making it simple and easy for anyone to interpret your results.

  1. Retesting doesn’t take too long

Not so sure about your results? Inconclusive results? Not to worry – it doesn’t take too long to retest.

Missing (or incorrectly rendered) indicator lines suggests an invalid test. Unlike PCR, however, a retest will only take 20 minutes to produce another result. The intricate process of gathering and interpreting results from a traditional qPCR test typically takes about a day. 

If you or your business is in a pinch – rapid antigen tests might be the perfect solution!

If you’re interested in rapid antigen testing for yourself or for your business, please email us at

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