Who Is Weekly COVID-19 Testing Best For?

September 8, 2021

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Who Is Weekly COVID-19 Testing Best For?

Weekly COVID-19 testing is becoming prominent across the globe with more people getting tested to help keep their friends and family safe.

With new variants spreading, there is heightened concern causing people to wonder if they have COVID-19 with businesses making testing weekly the “new normal.”

It’s important to understand the benefits of weekly COVID-19 testing and how it helps keep you and those around you safe.

1. Workplace

A primary reason for weekly COVID testing is to help prevent an outbreak at your workplace.

As more and more people are going back into the office, the risks of contracting and transferring COVID-19 increases, causing concern for the employees working there.

Weekly testing is important because it can help prevent a potential outbreak before it happens.

With RT-qPCR testing, you can even determine if someone has COVID-19 before they show symptoms, reducing the spread of the virus and minimizing infection.

People will feel safer knowing that their workplace is getting weekly testing and taking the necessary steps to prevent an outbreak.

2. Schools

Another important benefit to weekly COVID-19 testing is to help keep schools and children safe.

Germs are ever present in schools K through 12.

With schools opening up again this Fall, it’s important to minimize the spread of COVID-19 before it starts.

Weekly COVID-19 testing ensures the students and teachers are staying healthy and virus-free.

It’s also important to be aware as after-school activities and sports are starting back up with a lot of physical contact.

3. Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are another important place to get weekly COVID-19 testing.

With many susceptible people grouped in a single building, the likelihood of contracting and transferring is high even if you follow the best COVID-19 prevention tips.

That’s why it’s important to get weekly testing to ensure that the elderly and nurses are aware of their own condition to help minimize the spread of the virus.

Nursing homes residents are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and preventing an outbreak before it happens is crucial.

4. Friends And Family

You also want to consider keeping your family and friends safe with weekly COVID-19 testing.

When we are with our close friends and family, we rarely wear masks, making us even more susceptible to transferring or getting COVID-19.

That’s why being aware of yourself and knowing your state is critical in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to your friends and family.

We also recommend that your friends and family also get weekly testing so you can feel safe knowing that everyone is healthy.

5. Travelers

COVID-19 testing is now mandatory for travellers who want to travel across different countries.

Many flights will require you to take an RT-qPCR test, the “gold” standard for testing, within 72 hours to make sure the flight is safe for you and everyone else travelling.

This also helps minimize the risk of transferring COVID-19 to other states and countries that people visit.

Weekly COVID-19 testing is best suited for organizations with many people or for travellers. The major benefit is that it helps keep you and the people around you safe by minimizing and ultimately preventing the spread of the virus.

If you have questions about weekly testing, or the specifics of both RT-PCR and rapid antigen testing, give us a call or email us at info@covxlabs.com.

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