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How San Diego Should Battle The COVID-19 Delta Variant

December 13, 2022

rapid antigen test

San Diego has just passed the 400+ COVID-19 hospitalization benchmark this last week with the rapid-spreading Delta variant. News feeds are constantly dishing out changing information about vaccine boosters, free rapid testing locations, and mask mandates.  

So what does this mean for county residents and their families?

Since California fully re-opened its economy this June, the state has seen a marginal but continual increase in COVID-19 cases. Some people fear San Diego county may possibly regress back to a more restrictive tier as cases rise.

As the return of mandatory mask mandates looms after Los Angeles County reinstated the policy, more San Diego residents are seeking ways to protect themselves from the virus. Locals are now reportedly seeking a secondary “boost” vaccine dose like Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot.

However, a recent NYU study suggests that the J&J vaccine isn’t as comparatively effective at protecting against the rapid-spreading Delta variant in a lab setting – but that’s not stopping San Diego locals.

Campuses at UC San Diego and California State University San Marcos are combating the Delta variant onset with widespread testing. Testing sites at the public universities are subsequently ramping-up operations as cases rapidly increase across the county.

Consequently, testing sites will eventually have to battle the increasing demand of testing equipment and PPE.

Rapid antigen tests are the most-commonly available COVID-19 tests which can be accessed via nearby pharmacies, clinics, healthcare providers and mobile testing sites. Although rapid antigen testing can give you results within 15-30 minutes, they are not the most reliable if you want to detect COVID-19 before you have symptoms. You can learn more about the difference between RT-qPCR and rapid antigen testing here.

Individuals and businesses who seek rapid testing solutions are often met with complex steps, outrageous pricing, and equipment shortages. 

Employers and public educators are constantly seeking better solutions for their employees and students. So how do they stay ahead of the next pandemic wave?

We hold strongly that each individual business requires different testing solutions. Our mission is to help your organization find the best. We're readily available to chat with your team to find what best suits you.

CovX is an accredited lab specializing in rapid-molecular (RT-qPCR) COVID-19 tests – providing quick, accessible, and reliable testing services for businesses all over the United States.

Our in-house RT-qPCR testing provides immediate, professional and simple solutions that countless businesses in San Diego are looking for. COVID testing has never been more streamlined with our process for individuals and businesses – including our straightforward ‘no-nonsense’ onboarding process, in-house molecular testing and immediate follow-up protocol.

Give your company the best in COVID testing with CovX Labs – where you and your team can have peace of mind.


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